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Cleopatra Moscato Oro Poli Zoom

Cleopatra Moscato Oro Poli

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Raw material: marc Moscato Orange flower and Moscato Bianco Colli euganei
Distillation: Crysopea with the innovative vacuum still in a water bath, with column-free dishes, working at discontinuous cycle (traditional method).
Aroma: flowery meadow, fresh fruit and citrus, honey and confectionery
Taste: smooth, clean, very elegant
Alcohol: 40% vol.
Bottle: 700ml
Serving temperature: 10/15°C

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    The last 100 year about Grappa

    Up until the end of the 19th century, Grappa had a peasant or even rustic identity. Considered to be exclusively a male drink, it continued through the first half of the 20th century retaining is nature as a strong and corroborant beverage.

    The early 1960’s saw the appearance of the first industrial continuous stills in some distilleries. These are distillation systems able to work continuously, non-stop, thus obtaining a very high production of distillate at low cost. Artisan-type Grappa distilleries suffered a big blow from a commercial standpoint, given the highly competitive price of industrial Grappa: if there were nearly 2.000 artisan producers of Grappa at the beginning of the 20th century, today there are only about 90.

    Industrial Grappa is a product that presents the palate rather neutral sensations, and is neither good nor bad: what it lacks is a marked personality that only very careful artisan-type distillation can give.

    Starting in 1980, the world of Grappa saw a strong reaction to this situation by artisan distilleries. Overcoming considerable economical difficulties, these distilleries produced high quality Grappa, ensuring not only high level in distillation but also in the presentation of the bottle, so that the perception of its contents was clear at a glance.
    In those same years, the public of tasters and enthusiasts widened, becoming more discerning and demanding an increasingly select product with smoother characteristics and a lower alcoholic content, so that all the fragrances of the Grappa can be freely released.
    Today, Grappa reveals all its complexity and smoothness, thus gaining the favour of international consumers and rightfully becoming the Italian distillate par excellence.

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