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Original Amaro del Pollino Calabria Zoom

Original Amaro del Pollino Calabria

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Bottle: 0.70L
Alcohol content: 32 ° Alc. / Vol.
Ingredients: Alcohol Infusion of herbs, water, sugar, natural flavors
Source: Calabria
Processing: for alcoholic infusion of herbs is extracted the essence that is mixed with water and sugar infusion period: Spring
Tips: drink smooth with ice
Presentation: glass bottle

Drink responsibly!

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    The bitter fruit of careful research, made by mixing herbs that grow on the Pollino with other more traditional. What unites our spirits and to which the Company is proud to stand out, is the the origin of all raw materials used and the absolute craftsmanship of working process.

    Suggested Recipes:

    Amaro Slam

    In the shaker
    - 3,5 cl Amaro del Pollino
    - 2 cl lemon juice
    - 2 drops of Angostura bitter
    - 2 cl old Brandy
    - 10cl Ginger Beer

    Mix with ice and filter all in a cocktail glass full of ice. Pour 10 cl of Ginger Beer and garnish with a cucumber slice.

    Refresh your summer

    1/3 Amaro del Pollino
    1/3 Liquorice
    1/3 water tonic

    Mix the three ingredients and garnish with fresh mint.

    Pollino Tonic

    A glass full of ice
    2,5 cl Amaro del Pollino
    Tonic water
    A piece of lime

    In a glass full of ice add 2,5 cl Amaro del Pollino and tonic water. Squeeze the lime and drop it into the glass. Mix and garnish with an orange slice.

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